Rolling Loud Australia is an over 16s event.
Any of the following forms of photo id are accepted:
1. Valid RMS or state equivalent photo ID card (e.g. proof of age card, photo card)
2. Valid Australian drivers license or keypass id
3. Valid passport (Australian or international). You must bring the physical passport, no photocopies allowed

Please note:
International drivers licenses, birth certificates, Medicare cards and school ID’s are not accepted
The name on your id must match the name on your ticket for entry
Over 18s will receive a wristband on entry
Rolling Loud has a zero tolerance to drugs policy. Police will be conducting a drug detection operation at this event
If you fail to present an accepted id on entry, you will be refused entry without refund
If you are intoxicated or are in breach of any entry conditions, you will be refused entry to the event
Security wanding may occur at this event


There will be atm’s on site
Bars, food trucks & merchandise will have cash & eftpos facilities
There will be a cloak room on site
Please hand all lost & found items to the cloak room
There will be multiple free water stations located around the venue
Medical/first aid is located at the very back of the halls


On entry, over 18’s will receive a wristband. You must keep this on for the duration of the event.
Anyone under 18 caught consuming alcohol, and anyone over 18 caught supplying alcohol to minors will be removed from the event and handed over to police


Dresscode is relaxed. It will be hot so dress light.
You can wear what you please with a few exceptions:
· No gang colours, patches or insignia
· No bare feet or thongs
· Hats are fine
· Masks are fine but you must take them off when being asked for id
If dressing up, please make sure we can see your face


Rolling Loud reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons carrying any of the restricted or prohibited items listed below:
· Illicit drugs
· External food and drinks
· Glass
· (fake) weapons
· Vapes or e-cigs
· Professional cameras, video or recording equipment. No cameras larger than a gopro without prior permission from organiser
· Balloons
· Flags with poles
· Flares, fireworks or sparklers
· Selfie sticks
· Lasers or laser pointers
· Bags larger than a4 piece of paper
· Any liquids or aerosols (including amyl nitrate and nitrous oxide canisters)
· Vics (or equivalent) inhalers
· Any other items as determined by security or management that may cause injury or public nuisance
Prohibited items can be deposited at the external cloakroom next to the entry and collected after the event. Illegal items will be confiscated and criminal charges may apply


Sitting down in the middle or at the front of the dance floor is strictly prohibited. If you need to sit or rest, please use the picknicking area at the back of the halls. Staff & security need to be able to see everybody to make sure they are safe, and it also creates safety issues for standing/walking patrons.


There are no pass outs. If you leave, you will not be allowed back in.
The latest you can enter is 08:30pm sharp


Rolling loud is committed to providing a safe environment for all of our patrons. However if you, your friends or anyone around you is feeling unwell or needs help, please:
· Go/take them to first aid area at the back of the halls
· Alert security, police, medics or event staff immediately


If you require ear plugs, they are available for purchase from the merchandise stand


Rolling Loud do not condone possession or use of illegal drugs at our events. Police will be conducting a drug detection operation involving drug detection dogs at this event. You will be searched prior to entering the venue. Offenders will be prosecuted

It is going to be a warm day, so make sure to stay hydrated and look after your mates. There are free water refill stations at all bars, at the middle barrier and outside the halls. The medical/first aid area is located at the back of the halls, and there will be volunteers roaming the event to check on the safety of patrons. Please do not hesitate to approach them if you need help.


· Security
· On site police
· Event staff


Police and the venue are aware of the online group planning to jump Rolling Loud. Your names and photos have been recorded. Police will patrol all aspects of the venue from outside.


Don’t drink & drive!

Public buses: sta buses will run past the event site along herb elliot avenue as per public holiday schedule

Trains: free rail transport is included in the price of your ticket. For more information, please head to

Taxis: a taxi rank will be provided on herb elliot avenue, on existing taxi ranks. For more details and updated information on accessing the venue, go to

Public pick up point There is a 'public set down area' on herb elliot avenue. All parent and private pickups are advised to be planned from this point.


There will be an event car park utilised for the event in car park p1.
The car parks will be user paid where usual costs will apply. For more information on access, locations, pre booking and general car parking information, click here.


Tickets purchased online can be scanned off phones, not need to print them
Tickets purchased online can be scanned off phones, not need to print them
Treat your hardcopy ticket like cash. If you lose it, it cannot be replaced
All hardcopy tickets must be activated before entering the event
As per ticketbooth’s policy, all names on tickets must match id’s
For any issues with online tickets or hardcopy ticket activation, email